Surgery Centers

Chesapeake Ambulatory – The Chesapeake Ambulatory Surgery Center is an office-based ASC. It is used by the our staff surgeons to perform foot- and ankle-related surgeries. Located on the CRG campus, the center was formed in 1992. At the time, performing outpatient surgery in a non-hospital setting was not the norm and way ahead of today’s trends. Additionally, it provides our patients and research study participants affordable specialty care that is both safe and convenient. The sterile facility has virtually no occurrence of infections. In fact, ASC infection rates are much lower than hospital-based cases both in number and severity. Chesapeake Plastic Surgery Suite – The Chesapeake Plastic Surgery Suite is an office-based ASC where our consultant plastic surgeons perform plastic surgery. We opened the center in 2015 to meet the needs of our ever expanding clinical studies. In addition to clinical trial cases, the plastic surgeons perform their private practice cases in the center as well.