About Us

Chesapeake Research Group is a clinical study site dedicated to support our clients and conducting efficient clinical drug and device studies.

Dr Ira Gottlieb - Ira Gottlieb Owner and President of Chesapeake Research Group LLC

Chesapeake Research Group LLC

We are the Chesapeake Research Group, founded in 2004 by Deborah Tunick, RN, CCRC, and Dr. Ira Gotlieb. Our goal is to conduct clinical studies in the most safe, consistent, and reliable manner possible. We are proud to have become a national leader in clinical research primarily focusing on the safe and effective treatment of pain. With over 60 studies successfully completed, we are proud to say we’ve reached our goals and then some. We have helped countless participants in our studies and our research projects have resulted in many new and improved pain-relieving medications entering the market.

Our Facility

Our extraordinary team works out of our state-of-the-art 10,000 square foot facility in Pasadena, MD. Our multifaceted medical campus encompasses several centers of excellence that play key roles in our clinical trials: 

Chesapeake Research Center Foot and Ankle Center - bandaged foot with x-ray

Our Location

Since we are centrally located, we are able to conveniently serve the tri- state area of: Baltimore, Washington D.C., and the Northern Virginia region. We have many participants who travel from the entire eastern portion of the United States to participate in our programs.